Review: Houston’s Restaurant in Kansas City

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments on my anniversary post! I am so happy to have met all of you. My final post of 2010 is going to be a food review. I haven’t been cooking anything new this week, and I have been under the weather somewhat. Recipes will be back soon!

My friend Steve won a $100 gift certificate to a semi-local restaurant, and invited me to share it with him. How nice is that!? So we enjoyed a nice, pre-Christmas dinner with him the night before Christmas Eve.

Houston’s is not exclusive to Kansas City, but with only one location in the city, it is a favorite for many. Houston’s is located in one of my absolute favorite spots in the city, the Country Club Plaza. Even better, we got to see the pretty Christmas lights on the Plaza, which after all these years, I still cannot get enough of. As for other places around the country, Houston’s can also be found in California, Arizona, New Orleans, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Memphis, Washington DC, Boston, and Denver. Click here to see all of their locations.

Houston’s is located on 4640 Wornall Road, in Kansas City, Missouri. They boast of a menu of diverse American classics where they let exceptional ingredients take center stage. Another thing I like, that I didn’t know before I started working on this post, is that they work with local growers to ensure that the produce, meat, fish, and chicken are of the highest standard. As someone who is passionate for anything environmentally friendly, those facts definitely appeals to me.

As far as their food is concerned, I have yet to be disappointed. This is the third time that I have dined there that I can think of. I’ve eaten there another time, also with Steve, when I was a vegetarian. Steve is also a vegetarian and he’d been telling me that their veggie burgers were the best he’d ever had. So I tried it on that visit, and he was right… it was pretty delicious.

This time, I had the French dip sandwich with, of course, au jus. It was amazing. I scarfed that sucker right down. I honestly think it was the best French dip sandwich I have ever had. The prime rib meat was to die for. Instead of fries, I got the cole slaw as a side and it was fantastic, too. A third friend got a fish sandwich and some fries (I stole some of his fries, they were delicious, too!). He normally doesn’t get fish sandwiches but wanted to get something other than a burger. And he enjoyed it, and was happy with his choice. Their fries are the straw version and they are hard to stop eating once you’ve had a couple. Steve had his veggie burger again and was pleased as always. All three of us made “happy plates”. ;)

The French Dip sandwich and fries, courtesy of Google images

I also had an A to Z pinot noir and it was good. I am always a fan of pinot noirs, though, so I am not too picky! While I love my wine, I wouldn’t call myself a connoisseur!

If there is one complaint I would have with Houston’s, it is something I have experienced the last 2 times we have been there. And that is that the wait took a lot longer both times than the time quoted to by the hostess. I used to hostess for a long time and I was trained to quote a little over the predicted wait time because then people are happy when they don’t wait as long as they were told they would. Twice now, the wait has been almost a half hour longer than what was expected. This time, for example, they quoted of 65 to 70 minutes. And we waited closer to 90 minutes. Reservations get precedence, which is expected, but I am not sure if they are over booking their reservations… maybe they need to book a few less. But when you’ve already been waiting for over an hour and are forced to wait 20 to 30 minutes more than that, it makes you a little grumpy!

Good thing that their food is so delicious. I don’t know if I would say it is worth the wait (but I don’t normally like waiting that long for any food! ;)), but once you start eating, the irritable feelings evaporate.

A special thanks to  Steve for so generously sharing your gift card with us! We enjoyed the meal and the company. :)

And of course, everyone have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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