Review: J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was wonderful. It was nice to have my entire family all under one roof… a rare occurrence!

Who’s going Black Friday shopping?

This is a delayed posting, given that the dinner for this review took place on my birthday a few weeks ago… I’ve just had so many other things I’ve wanted to post that I’ve saved this as a filler. So, I figure the day after Thanksgiving might be a good time!

For my birthday dinner the other week, a friend and I went to a restaurant called J. Gilbert’s. It was a nice night “off” from cooking. Yes, I know, recently, I went on and on about how much I am enjoying cooking, but it’s still sometimes nice to take a night off, too! I also figured that is has been a while since I have done a review, so here we go.

While it is not exclusive to our area, it doesn’t have very many locations. According to their website, there are three other locations in Glastonbury, Connecticut, McLean, Virginia, and Worthington, Ohio. That being said it’s kind of cool that we have one of their locations. Here in Kansas City, it is actually located in the suburbs on the Kansas side of the state line, at 8801 Metcalf, in Overland Park, KS.

Photo courtesy of the internet

J. Gilbert’s boasts its wood-fired steaks. It has a classy ambiance perfect for a couple looking for a quiet dinner – the restaurant is dimly lit which gives the feeling of an intimate, personal dining experience. However, I would not classify this as a family place… it doesn’t come across as kid-friendly. Their prices are on the higher side of the spectrum, but they are not outrageous for the quality of food that they serve.

This is the second time I have eaten there. It is not normally a place I’d frequent, however I got a coupon in the mail once this summer, so we treated ourselves. While there, I signed up to be on an e-mail list and for doing so, got another coupon in the mail, just in time for my birthday! (what a great way to attract new customers!)

I was not initially planning on doing this review, so I did not take photos of the food.

When we ate there this summer, I had the Petite Filet Combo, which comes, of course, with a petite filet, and your choice between salmon, scallops, and crab cakes, along with white cheddar mashed potatoes and the chef’s seasonal vegetables. However, for a $2 upcharge, I subbed the mashed potatoes with lobster mac and cheese. And I am so glad I did, it was delicious. My friend had a steak, and was pleased with the results of the wood-firing. It lived up to his expectations, and mine. The flavor was wonderful.

This time when we ate there, I was determined to get something different than I had the first time, but the scallops were so good the first time that I ate them, that I couldn’t resist from getting them a second time. However, I did not get the same combo with the petite filet, although that was tempting as well. Instead, I got the Seared Georges Banks Scallops, which were served over a bed of lobster risotto and champagne beurre blanc. It was flavorful, filling, and delicious. Their scallops are wonderful. I sipped on a delicious Mark West Pinot Noir during our meal, and I think it was one of the better wines I have had in recent memory. And while we waited, they served some delicious sourdough bread.

Regrettably, we did not have room for dessert, but this was the third meal I’d eaten on my birthday, and I was pretty stuffed! However, it was a perfect way to wrap up a wonderful birthday. :)

All in all, I highly recommend J. Gilbert’s for a special occasion. I have had a great experience both times I have been there. The service has been excellent, and we have had no complaints yet about the food we have eaten. While we cannot afford to eat there on a regular basis, I can assure you that the next time we get a coupon in the mail, we will not hesitate to use it!

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7 thoughts on “Review: J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks

  1. I’m more of a cyber Monday than Black Friday shopper. I’ve only been Black Friday shopping once, with my mom, when I was about 8.
    The restaurant sounds great…

  2. Jackie and I love J. Gilberts. for dessert, they make a great lava chocolate cake.

    And for appetizers, their Maytag Blue Cheese potato chips…

    great review, great restaurant!

    Happy belated B-Day


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